Cats We Have Helped

1.....A Happy Ending for Fluffy:

In the winter of 2009, it was well below zero and a fluffy black cat was crying outside my house. I went out and he came to me right away. I knew he was hungry and had been out for a while. His long shaggy black fur was terribly matted. He ate 2 cans of wet food and then I settled him into a spare room for the night to await the vet in the morning.

In the morning I took him to the vet and we dewormed him and the vet had to shave his back right down to the skin. There was no amount of combing that would get the mats out of this guys fur.

I called the local rescue numbers to see if anyone had reported their pet missing. Since no one had, I made an appointment to have the guy neutered in a few days.

2 weeks after he was found and neutered, we were able to reunite him with his real parents. It was arranged so that he could be picked up at the vets, after they paid for the costs incurred at the vets.

2...                                       PEANUT
Little peanut was a tiny tortoise hair cat that arrived at my door when winter afternoon. Someone in town was giving away kittens and a teenage girl took her home. The parents would not allow a cat so knowing I was a cat lover, she knocked on my door. Peanut was so sweet but i could not have another cat so I called the rescue center in Kap which is called ARC. They have some families waiting for specific kittens and a tortoise was wanted. So off she went to a new family who was interviewed by ARC and approved.


Spring of 2010 he showed up at my door, cold and lost. I did find out where he lived and put him in the car and took him home. 2 days later he arrived at my house again. I have a trap door for my own cats so I don't have to worry about whether they are in or out and Owen figured out how to get in that trap door. He decided he liked living at my house. My cats were not happy however because Owen is an un-neutered male so I drove him home again. 2 days later he arrived again. Now this trek he makes to my house is 3 streets over, across the railroad tracks and over a large chain link fence. I got mad at his mommy when she said there was nothing she could do to keep him home. i said "yes, you can neuter him and he won't wonder as much" I am so mad at people who say they can't afford to spay or neuter their cats, they are getting males thinking they don't have to spend money on them but they don't think that they will wonder, spray and smell when not neutered. Not to mention they are out there inpregnating all the feral cats that we have here.
Owen was taken in on July 21st by me and neutered and dewormed. He is now a happy content cat at my house, he is warm and his tummy is full.
Thank you to everyone who donated funds to help get him neutered.