Please Help these Little Guys

This is OWEN, He is an unneutered male about 18 months old. He is a short haired black cat with a white tummy and tuft on his neck. Owen has a family who does not want to pay for his care so he has wandered down to my end of town looking for the female feral cats to impregnate. He has been wandering the neighboorhood for about 2 months now. His family is moving to Peterborough and has no intention on taking him. This is how the town is ending up with stray cats who are lovable and just want a family to love them enough to keep them.

Owen has decided he likes to come to my house for food and water, even though I already have 6 cats. He is quite vocal and very loving. He will be the first on the list to be neutered and if you would love to give him a home, please let me know. I am becoming attached to him but will let him go if I know he will have a loving home and someone to care for him.

Once we have enough sponsorship he will be ready to go in and have his surgery. Good luck Owen.