Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Owen has a boo boo

Owen, the latest stray has a boo boo. He is waiting to get neutered and can't seem to keep out of trouble...I guess he was having a little TOO much fun with the girls and one of them must have bit him. For all I know, one of my girls did it since he is always pestering them. They are spayed (all 3 of the girls)but he still likes to torment them.
The other day I noticed the base of his tail looked swollen so I checked it out and sure enough there was a couple of bite marks that had festered. I luckily keep some antibiotic ointment on hand for cats and put some on.
Well, no sooner do i get it on there and Owen licks it off. I decided he needed a bandaid.
I found some clean cloths to cut up and used the tape gun because it has nice wide tape. I managed to finally get it on his tail. He did not like the fact that I put him in the bathroom sink to do it but I only having 2 hands, it was easier to pin him down in the sink.
When I was done he wanted outside so off he went. I wondered how long it would stay on his tail.
The next morning i found it out on the back porch and it wasn't attached to Owen,lol.
I think it stayed on long enough to get the meds soaked in because today his sore looks much better. I tried to bandage him up again but it lasted about 30 mins so I gave up. I will keep an eye on his sore over the next few days to be sure the meds did the trick.

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