Sunday, July 11, 2010



To assist families that are low to middle income, get their pets spay or neutered. This program is to discourage people from leaving their unneutered or unspayed cats behind when they leave town.

This is also in place to help the many fostering families to help pay the costs they incur to spay and neuter cats they are fostering.

This is an unregistered, non-profit organization in the town of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I have decided to start up a sponsorship of sorts. If you would like to commit to sponsoring a cat in our program please call me at 338-2158 for more details and to apply and get on the list.

No amount is too small. The average monthly donation is 5.00 per month, that's the price of a couple of cups of coffee a week.

If we all work together we can do something about the exploding population of stray cats in our town.

Killing them is not the answer, spaying and neutering to prevent further population increase is the answer.

You can sponsor as little as 2.00 a month to be sent to an account at the veterinary office in Kapuskasing. Please don't think it isn't enough! Every cent helps and these animals will be eternally grateful.

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