Sunday, July 11, 2010

R.I.P. Blackie

This is a sad a story....
Up at the formula 21 station on the highway lived a feral cat and her 5 babies. She had a shelter under the station and some people left food for mommy and her babies.
3 weeks ago the workers were making noise and scared mommy. She ran out from under the building and across the highway., only she didn't make it across. She crossed the rainbow bridge instead.....
The workers managed to rescue the 4-5 week old babies. There were 5 of them. A bunch of us took one in to nurse them. I got little blackie. Little Blackie was born without back legs. He had tiny flippers that were is actual feet only they were flipped upside down.
This didn't get Blackie down. He skittered across the floor smooth as can be. He sort of made em think of a very fast snail.
He ate like you couldn't fill him up. He was happy when full though but he cried a lot and liked being cuddled. I noticed he wasn't using the litter box even when i used a damp warm cloth to try and train him to go. The other kittens were going so this was my first indication there was more wrong with blackie that you could visibly see.
When you picked him up he squirted urine and he didn't seem to have a proper hole for bowel movements. I took him to the vet on the second day to have him and one of his brothers checked out. The vet checked him out and said his belly was hard because he couldn't get rid of the waste in his body. He shook his head and I lost it....
The Kapuskasing Veterinary Hospital on Hwy 11 is fabulous. 705-335-8446. It is run by a husband and wife and they are wonderful. They knew how upsetting it was to me and took great care with Blackie to send him over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his mommy. It broke my heart and I had only known him for 2 days.
R.I.P. Little Blackie

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