Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Owen has a boo boo

Owen, the latest stray has a boo boo. He is waiting to get neutered and can't seem to keep out of trouble...I guess he was having a little TOO much fun with the girls and one of them must have bit him. For all I know, one of my girls did it since he is always pestering them. They are spayed (all 3 of the girls)but he still likes to torment them.
The other day I noticed the base of his tail looked swollen so I checked it out and sure enough there was a couple of bite marks that had festered. I luckily keep some antibiotic ointment on hand for cats and put some on.
Well, no sooner do i get it on there and Owen licks it off. I decided he needed a bandaid.
I found some clean cloths to cut up and used the tape gun because it has nice wide tape. I managed to finally get it on his tail. He did not like the fact that I put him in the bathroom sink to do it but I only having 2 hands, it was easier to pin him down in the sink.
When I was done he wanted outside so off he went. I wondered how long it would stay on his tail.
The next morning i found it out on the back porch and it wasn't attached to Owen,lol.
I think it stayed on long enough to get the meds soaked in because today his sore looks much better. I tried to bandage him up again but it lasted about 30 mins so I gave up. I will keep an eye on his sore over the next few days to be sure the meds did the trick.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LOST CAT found in the Driftwood area

FOUND!!! A male grey/white cat, he is declawed and possibly fixed, found in DRIFTWOOD area...If this is your cat or know of who's cat he is please call 1-705-272-6161
OR...if you can give him a home PLEASE call...he is outside and since he is declawed he wont be able to defend himself THANKS!!!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010



To assist families that are low to middle income, get their pets spay or neutered. This program is to discourage people from leaving their unneutered or unspayed cats behind when they leave town.

This is also in place to help the many fostering families to help pay the costs they incur to spay and neuter cats they are fostering.

This is an unregistered, non-profit organization in the town of Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I have decided to start up a sponsorship of sorts. If you would like to commit to sponsoring a cat in our program please call me at 338-2158 for more details and to apply and get on the list.

No amount is too small. The average monthly donation is 5.00 per month, that's the price of a couple of cups of coffee a week.

If we all work together we can do something about the exploding population of stray cats in our town.

Killing them is not the answer, spaying and neutering to prevent further population increase is the answer.

You can sponsor as little as 2.00 a month to be sent to an account at the veterinary office in Kapuskasing. Please don't think it isn't enough! Every cent helps and these animals will be eternally grateful.

R.I.P. Blackie

This is a sad a story....
Up at the formula 21 station on the highway lived a feral cat and her 5 babies. She had a shelter under the station and some people left food for mommy and her babies.
3 weeks ago the workers were making noise and scared mommy. She ran out from under the building and across the highway., only she didn't make it across. She crossed the rainbow bridge instead.....
The workers managed to rescue the 4-5 week old babies. There were 5 of them. A bunch of us took one in to nurse them. I got little blackie. Little Blackie was born without back legs. He had tiny flippers that were is actual feet only they were flipped upside down.
This didn't get Blackie down. He skittered across the floor smooth as can be. He sort of made em think of a very fast snail.
He ate like you couldn't fill him up. He was happy when full though but he cried a lot and liked being cuddled. I noticed he wasn't using the litter box even when i used a damp warm cloth to try and train him to go. The other kittens were going so this was my first indication there was more wrong with blackie that you could visibly see.
When you picked him up he squirted urine and he didn't seem to have a proper hole for bowel movements. I took him to the vet on the second day to have him and one of his brothers checked out. The vet checked him out and said his belly was hard because he couldn't get rid of the waste in his body. He shook his head and I lost it....
The Kapuskasing Veterinary Hospital on Hwy 11 is fabulous. 705-335-8446. It is run by a husband and wife and they are wonderful. They knew how upsetting it was to me and took great care with Blackie to send him over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his mommy. It broke my heart and I had only known him for 2 days.
R.I.P. Little Blackie